Those hypnotic cakes

Hypnotic Rainbow Cupcakes
Some of the best cupcakes I have ever seen.

 These are a few cupcakes which I found on Imgfave. Those extreme colour combinations are what attracted me to them, and the way in which they were piped.since finding and sharing this picture I have been  asked on numerous occasions how exactly is it done. Well, I do not have the complete answer. What I can say is that it takes plenty of practice, and technique. There is actually a way of using a piping bag, but for those with less experience it might just blend all colours together ending up with a mash-up of a sort of disgusting colour that should probably not exist. If piping does not work, the other option is to make use of an air brush, but realistically not many home bakers have the luxury of owning such an extreme utensil! it is therefore quite difficult to achieve such amazing end results at home, but if you know of anyone who might have access to an air brush or has great talent in using a piping bag, give them a shout out! even I will be sure to do so if or when I find Someone!…For now I will have to stick to using just 2 colours at a time, but even that can be disastrous if one is not wise about their colour choices.

with all that said, I will still aspire to create my own batch of these uniquely decorated cupcakes.

with love & sincerity



2 thoughts on “Those hypnotic cakes

  1. Hey Amarykhan love the pic tel the topping of the cupcakes how’s that possible? Is there a special kind of piping bag use fo piping them?

    • Hey Lola! i am not too sure but apparently it is air brushed. there is a way in which you can actually pipe it, but that is probably by someone who knows exactly how to use it. you also get a piping bag where you can add more than 1 colour in different compartments, so maybe even than would help!

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