Food Art!

Along with food, one of my many other passions include Art. I therefore make a point of browsing the internet for some new and creative works of food-art. Included in this most are just a few the amazing artworks I found. I hope to eventually share hundreds of these cools pictures with you!


Because these are all works of art, in most cases they are there purely for showcasing or used to indicate humour, It is therefore not advisable to eat. Although some are made to eat, I would actually not want to because they look somewhat like a novelty and not a snack.

Creating these works of food art takes time, talent, practice and patients! some are created by hand, while others are digitally edited. Obviously, the difference between the two will also determine its difficulty. i would love to give this try sometime, and with practice, hopefully create some amazing art works! For those of you who would also like to give it go, I recommend you take a look at the various works of art by searching on Google.

From a Food science point of view, I could advise those who do try this that you can keep your foods looking fresh by spritzing a solution of lemon water or salt water as this will prevent oxidation, in simple terms- dicolouration. Also keep them as cold as possible so that they remain fresh.

I hope you enjoy these picture as much as I do. feel free to ask me any questions or provide your suggestions  by commenting below.



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