Kit’dgets: cool kitchen gadgets

As a foody fairy, I love working my magic with those oh-so-many ingredients and I try to be as creative as possible. Even though many a times, my execution of what I intend to create is an absolute Flop! Then I get on a bit of a downer, but there’s always something to cheer me up! These ‘somethings’ are amazing kitchen gadgets, which add a great deal of fun and ease when preparing food.

One of my new favourite and highly addictive way in which I find awesome gadgets is pinning my way through Pinterest! Apart from kitchen ware, Pinterest has a range of many interesting ideas and tutorials on anything and everything you could possibly search for. But this is a whole other story, and I need to stop myself from going into further detail as I have a huge tendency to get carried away.

So, back on track. These are just a few of the MANY amazing kit’dgets that I am pleased to share with you.

Divisible whisk

the cool Divisible Whisk. Making mixing easy!

The image featured above is an example of an innovative kitchen whisk. How many times don’t we hassle with trying to clean the gunk off a whisk? Well, no more! This Divisible whisk, designed by Kwon Hansol (Red Dot Award winner) is a great problem solver as its handle made up of two magnetic halves, which stick together when you need to transform it into a whisk. This ingenuity has made storing and cleaning easier. It’s also pretty simple to use!

The next cool design of pure genius is a Measuring jug… With an electronic scale! (Image 2 below).  This cool tool is especially useful when baking as it provides accuracy when measuring out your ingredients.  I don’t think I have more words to describe how amazing something like this is.

measuring jug, with scale

amazing measuring jug, with an electronic scale!

A major drawback of most these kit’dgets are that they are quite pricey. It’s no wonder, since they are mostly designer brands. For someone who is well off it shouldn’t be a problem, but as a student it’s a huge bummer!

Hopefully someday when I am a well established food socialite, I could afford all the cool kitchen gadgets from around the world, but till then I will keep dreaming  🙂

I hope that you stay tuned for many more amazing kit’dgets which I’ll be posting up in snip-bits.



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