More amazing Kit’dgets

Since last-week I simply could not wait to share some more amazing kit’dgets found on the greatest online pinboard: Pinterest!

The image below is an all-in-one Mango cutter. So cool!! Well, for me it is (Since I mad about mangoes) 🙂 and hopefully my fellow mango lovers would love it too. There is actually no need to explain why this gadget is so great, but to put it simply: It makes cutting up a mango easier AND much safer! No more fear of letting the knife slip, which we know would end up in some nasty disaster.

Mango cutter

awesome mango cutter-totally love it!

The other gadget which I thought was cool, is The Sharky tea infuser. To be honest, I think it is kind of impractical, I mean just use a spoon to stir? How lazy can one get. It does however seem quite entertaining, imagine seeing a shark fin in your tea, swimming around as if your cuppa tea is a little ocean. Just don’t put your finger in, or Sharky might bite! 😉

Sharky- tea infuser

The Sharky tea infuser. This One's especially for my girls Andrea & Lee (The tea fanatics)

As with most amazing cool designer things, They are costly which is a huge drawback. But oh well, I can still dream.

To find some more great gadgets, I eagerly suggest you check out Pinterest!

Besides Gadgets, you can be sure to find so many more amazing things!

Happy blogging, Pinning, or whatever it is that you love doing 🙂



4 thoughts on “More amazing Kit’dgets

  1. The mango cutter is cool! No more sticky hands and mango stains on your clothes.
    Sharky – haha the pictures are funny. Not the most feminine the strainer – I associate tea with girls…Might just be me?!

  2. Exactly! it’s a very handy tool. haha, Oh sharky, it is funny, And YES! me too, so it’s not just you haha. I find it odd when guys tell me they like tea, but at the same time it’s cute. It shows they have a softer side :}

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