Cupcakes: an endless trend

Just putting it out there.

Cupcakes have been around for quite some time now, but it has just recently shot to fame as one of the coolest most amazing sweet treats in our lives! (Well, most our lives)

Like most people, I have always loved cupcakes, mostly due to the ease of being able to eat  it rather than the taste.  And it seems to me as if these legendary cupcakes shall never lose its trend. And how could they, not with all the creative minds at work who aim to create the most impeccable looking works of art!

I must admit, a year or two ago when someone mentioned the word ”cupcake” I would just fade out and think: Jeez, Be original! I think my thoughts have been read by many since that is exactly what people have started doing! A cupcake is no longer just A cupcake, it has been transformed into a means of art; allowing us to liberate our creativity and go wild.

Apart from the obvious cuteness of a cupcake, they also make life simpler. No more fuss with having to cut-up huge cakes into approximately equal slices; each person can have a cupcake and eat it! 🙂

I am one of those people who love decorating little cuppy-cakes and working my fairy magic  in hopes that it would look amazing. In so doing, I have come to realise that I am still a bit of an amateur but with practise I will soon be able to call myself an artist.

Below are just a few of the cupcakes I have created, and yes I am aware they need more work 🙂

I will confess that in most cases, I am not the one who usually bakes the actual cakes. Well, because don’t like to. I much rather prefer doing the decor, allowing my imagination to flow. Before you gasp with utter shock, thinking that’s unethical, Remember this: The Cake boss Doesn’t bake his cakes either. So, No. I do not feel an inch of guilt 🙂

here’s to glorious cupcakes, enjoy responsibly…And edible pleasures to all!

pink & purple


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