Tea with Zee

Good Day all you lovely people!

So, Last week has been quite a big schlepp (pardon the slang but I needed to emphasise the reason behind my frustration) But, then I was saved by my dear friend whom I hardly ever see Thanks to varsity. You might be thinking ”Why on earth is this woman posting about past events?”. Well, simply because my internet was down for a while and I really wanted to share my friday afternoon experience. So rather late than never, Right?

Anyway, so after having a depressing moody week, my dear friend Zahraa (Zee) & I spent the afternoon catching up. Being the indecisive person I am I really did not know what we could do. Thanks to her we decided on A little adorable coffee shop situated in The V&A Waterfront. This place is known as: Myatts.


View of the interior section of the seating area. Not the best picture, But gives you some perspective

Myatts is a quaint little Cafe & Chocolatier who just blew me away in the way they presented their food items. And their cheesecake is definitely a winner! My first choice for tea was a vanilla and strawberry green rooibos tea. Sounds interesting AND delish, does it not? But well, as everyday comes with its moments of anti climaxes’: They were out. Yes, sad indeed! So I settled for spiced orange flavoured rooibos tea. And… no comment. Well if I were forced to say something, I’d tell you it is definitely something to get use to. I would have however preferred something more Orange’y than Spicy. Because Wow’wee! did that have a super kick. The great thing though is that each persons tea is served in various styles (Vintage might I add) of tea sets; with a sort of tea-cup on a stand filled with sugar cubes. So cute! And 1 tea-pot easily serves about three cups, for three people. Well, unless You REALLY enjoy your tea, Then that teapot would be sufficient for you, and only you 🙂

tea and macaroon

My cuppa orange spicey rooibos tea, and coconut macaroon. What a cute tea set as well!


yum-yum! Cheesecake. 'Twas quite addictive 🙂












More things that amazed me were their range of macaroons and other desserts. Just absolutely Great! They also had a wide selection of Chocolates hence the fact that they are chocolatiers. Unfortunately We did not get to try out some (Students budget, you know?) But definitely next time.

Apart from the wonderful food-goodies, Myatts Architectural design is absolutely Awesome! Very Aesthetically pleasing! The cool amazing black chandelier seemed a bit strange, But somehow well fitted to the theme. They also Only have a little triangular space as their seating area, but the way in which it is set out makes it look very spacious! I actually wouldn’t mind hosting a tea party there, with their glass walls it isn’t as private as I’d like it to be. But still a lovely little place.


that beautiful black Chandilier. So cool; So breakfast at tiffany's with a mash up of the Adams Family. Kind of.

On a bit of a downer, Their service in terms of waitrons was not as great. Good, but not great. So that would be something to improve on. Other than that, Both Zee and I had a great time! They weren’t as costly as I initially anticipated, My Pot of tea was  merely R15, including a complimentary and delish little coconut macaroon. Most foods were quite reasonable, Others Not so i.e. light meals. So I know were I won’t be going for lunch 🙂 Or perhaps someday when I can afford it, since it really did look very appetising.

My overall rating: 8/10. Since there are a bit of things that require improvement especially the waitress’ dress code!

To end off, I would recommend you check this place out if you haven’t already. Especially if you’re a sucker for cute little tea sets.

So thank you Zee, for uplifting my mood and showing me a good time! 🙂

Edible pleasures To All

Post script: Please excuse the quality of the images featured as they were captured from my cellphone 🙂


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