Have you heard?

Hey Peeps!

I Trust that those of you who’ve had a long weekend have been enjoy it! Some of us however had to attend college, and could not escape the torture! Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, but still.

Anyway, back to what’s important! So, we all know about Spur, Right?- The reason behind most of us not being full on vegetarians? Well, my reason at least 🙂 I mean, I try to employ this lifestyle of cutting down on red meats, and along comes Spur with their Amazing steaks! And Oh my  gosh, their brownies: WOW!  I would risk my allergy of nuts, just to savour one bite of those brownies. Well, I have and it was well worth it.

While I give full credit to their food, and service I must admit that I am not too fond of the Monday burger special. For the mere fact that Mondays should be Meat free. Since they are a steak ranch, they obviously have to serve meat, not like they can promote a Monday grilled chicken special or something of that sort. But, they could perhaps try to shift the burger special to a Tuesday? Just a thought.

As I’m typing I realise that I’m actually babbling away all too much and not informing you of what I intended to. So here it is:  www.spur.co.za/nutrition And what is this you ask?

It’s Spurs all new nutritional website! This all new and amazing fact-filled tool (and probably a first in SA) allows you to create a meal which suits your taste-buds and of course, health needs. This new & exciting section provides you with a full nutritional analysis of their menu, promotional items and ingredients! Listed below are the functionalities available for both the Adult & the Kid’s menu:

  • Calorie counter
  • Meal maker
  • Search by category or allergen
  • Ingredient declaration
  • Nutritional information

I’ve actually tried this out myself, and it’s really so easy to utilise. And also a lot of fun! I felt like I was playing an interactive game, which would in fact benefit me a great deal!

I hope that all you Spur lovers out there give this tool a go. It will definitely make counting your calories kind of fun, and allow you to make the right choice!  To find out all the juicy facts on Spurs tasteful meals get clicking and visit their website, (www.spur.co.za/nutrition). It will very well be an informative and fun-filled little task to do.

Being one who actually studies nutrition as part of my course, this is indeed the kind of thing we want consumers to learn about, for their sake. Also allowing you to make the right choice, and create the perfect Spur meal which suites your palate. 🙂

For further information or any queries, feel free to contact Beverley Cornwell (Spurs customer relations manager) at bevc@spur.co.za

Edible pleasure to all 🙂

the spur logo 


3 thoughts on “Have you heard?

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  2. Look, i am a semi veggie… but there is something so warm and cosy about sitting in one of those cowboy – “pretend pretend leather” couch-benches at a Spur! The dim lights, the balloons, the colour in crayons, that awesome white spur sauce …. aah, reminisce!! The nutritional website is very impressive! GO SPUR! – who new you had it in you?! 😛 xxx

  3. Totally Agree, I do love it too. gives you that feeling of ”togetherness” or something like that. Those lights are amazing, and the play place haha.. Very cool and very handy! people should really give it a try. well done to Spur

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