Sushi At Sevruga’s


Hello, hello!

This week’s Blog is dedicated to an amazing restaurant situated in the V&A Waterfront, literally across the docks, I think. Well to be more exact, it was shop 4, Quay 5. I literally just read that on their facebook page a few minutes ago, otherwise I’d never have known.

Anyway, so back to my point. I had dinner there recently, and they serve up some good sushi. ‘Twas amazing!  I also tried Dim sum for the first time, spinach and feta as well as prawn. However I preferred the veggie dim sum, but that’s just me because I am more of a veggie eater. But all in all it was Delish, and the service was outstanding.

The waiters were so kind, it’s their job of course but they were nicer than expected. And to my surprise, my Brother, who seemed to be a regular customer was tight buds with the manager. Because of this we received some free tempura prawns! How awesome? And so yum.

I didn’t order anything outstanding, we all decided to share a Sushi platter. But wow, the size of those supposedly bite sized nibblets (Is that a word?! Well, it is now) were Huge! I was stuffed by the third piece. But they were so yum, I had to over-indulge a bit. You would too. Accompanied alongside the Sushi was the obvious Soy sauce and wasabi, but Sevruga has their own specialty sort of miso sauce. Very salty, But totally tasty, it complemented the sushi so well!

I must say, for what we ordered we really got our money’s worth and you do pay for great quality. I was so impressed by this place I simply had to share my experience with you! I will definitely be popping in sometime soon to catch another bite of something delish. And I do indeed hope you guys will too.

Oh and to top off an amazing meal, they give you a bit of complimentary Jelly-beans accompanied by the Bill to cleanse, or rather entice your taste buds. This is where they got me kind of hooked, I mean I L-O-V-E jelly beans. Besides that, it also shows their uniqueness in a sense. Those butterscotch or mints given by every other restaurant is so mundane and monotonous, I needed that change in flavour 😉

Sadly, I was unable to capture any images to show off due to unforeseen circumstances, like my Cell phone’s battery giving in, like seriously. Very unfortunate, but such is technology. However, it kind of gives you guys a reason to check it out yourselves! 🙂

Cheers, till next time

And of course, edible pleasures to all!



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