The craving sensation

Hello peeps!

My post this week is all about having the ”CRAVES”.

For quite a while now I’ve been wondering why I or people in general get cravings for certain foods. Is it merely just a feeling of really wanting those foods, or is there in fact a reason behind it?

Maybe it is a bit of both. I for one think there is a reason behind us craving certain foods, 3 reasons to be more exact. [Or my reasons at least.]

  1. We may crave foods because we lack the nutrients it contains. For example you may lack iron or zinc; therefore you feel the need to indulge in a juicy piece of steak. I know I felt like this many a times. Even though I try my utmost to stay away from meats, it may be my body’s way of telling me that I seriously need the protein.  According to my blood type, I should in fact be a heavy meat-eater, yet I struggle to accept that fact. Anyway, blood type in relation to food is indeed an entirely different topic.
  2. Another reason we tend to severely crave foods may be because we are so accustomed to them, psychologically we will always want them.something similar to the ”Gluttony effect” i.e. over indulgence of food. In this case particularly I am referring to ‘’junk food’’.  Think about it, don’t you sometimes feel for some McDonald’s fries and then you feel you can’t get enough? Yes / No? Well, I do and it is a terrible issue to deal with! It’s not just fries, it could actually be anything, and mostly things considered bad for your health, naturally. Not to worry though, this type of crave wears off and inevitably has no effect, in some cases. But that also depends on how strong your will power is 🙂
  3. My third theory is the opposite of the second but links up to the first. Perhaps we crave foods also because we haven’t had a taste of them in ages.  Sometimes I don’t eat roasted butternut(just a random example or maybe I am actually in need of it so subconsciously I mentioned it? hmm. okay this not psychology) for months and suddenly I am hit with the feeling of savouring every  bite. Perhaps I am in needs of the beta carotene and Vitamins it contains, or I just missed the delicious taste and warmth it brought to my palate.

These are merely my theories, which I picked from studying my eating patterns/ habits, as well as other’s (but mostly mine). Although I’ve read things about craving certain foods there was no factual evidence as to what the reasons may be. Some reasons were similar to what I Believe and others stated that our cravings are purely psychological. So I guess we have to wait for further research to establish the truth behind the craving sensation.

With that said, I also found an amazing image on one of my favourite networks, Pinterest!

The image below indicates our bodies ‘’confusion’’ when it comes to food. I say this because it shows, while we crave chocolate, we actually need the nutrients from nuts. Weird right? But check out the image and let me know what you think.

things we tend to crave, is our bodies cry for something else…

You can follow the link as well (, to get a better view since the image quality shown here appears to be rather ‘’miniscule’’.

So be aware of those cravings people, and don’t let the bad ones get the better of you! 😉

Edible pleasure to all 🙂


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