Our trip to Phily’

Hello people!

Hope you are all well & happy

My post today, which is actually long overdue (please don’t judge me I’m still getting the hang of this Blogging thing) is all about my trip to Philadelphia, with my Dear friend Andrea.

Waking up early on my day off from varsity was a bit a bummer at first, but then fun and relaxing time we had totally made up for that.

Philadelphia is a small little town, like really seriously small I cannot even describe how small it is, situated in the Western Cape, just 20-30 minutes out of Cape Town. I cannot really give you exact directions since we were to deep in conversation, so much so that we missed the first turn-off and had to take a detour, which was actually fun.

So why blog about a little town that hardly anyone has heard of? -That’s exactly the reason why, to make my peeps aware of the beauty this country beholds. While it may be tiny-whiney town, it’s filled with so much things and places to explore. Andrea and I were eager to try a pottery class, but sadly you could only collect your artefacts about two-days later. Which, I would’ve easily done if it weren’t for varsity getting in my way.

I love exploring and finding new things, when we arrived that was the first thing we did. Both of us whipped out our cameras, and went crazy. We probably took over 200 pictures…each. Being the weirdo that I am, I could not get enough of the variety of plant-life in this little town. The clouds were out, but the sky wasn’t too dull making it a great day to go wild with taking pictures. Philadelphia is the sort of place you need to be when you’ve had a tough week, spending the weekend there, or merely a few hours will surely calm your soul and help you find balance In life.

Okay, since this is in fact a food related blog I suppose I have to mention the food-goodies they had to offer. Although, my first ever post did mention I would write about anything I enjoy in life. So anyway, Andrea and I went to the only place available: Pepper Tree. This cute little coffee shop is the only sit-down and eat place. They didn’t exactly have much to offer, and nothing extremely out of this world. But what they did serve up was of great quality. (Images of our food will be shown)

I’m so excited about showing you the picture we captured that I think my written post will end somewhere in this paragraph. After all,’’ a picture speaks a thousand words’’ so I hope it entices you to drive up to Phily’ and just have a day of calming serenity; enjoying life’s little pleasure. Before I end off I just have to publicly Thank Andrea for inviting me to tag along. If not for her, I would have never really known about this place.


something we found intriguingly cool, a bare tree decorated with enamel cups. just shows we shouldn’t discard what we no longer use. Up-cycling is the in thing.


Andrea Exploring the Vineyard.

the food.

the yummy scones I ordered, with raspberry and Freshly churned cream. So good even Andrea risked her gluten intolerance for it 🙂

scrambled eggs

Andrea’s Breakfast. scrambled eggs with herbs – delish!

passion fruit

some unripe Granidillas which I picked from someones tree. some of them are almost ready to eat 🙂

A & M

Andrea & I being a bit weird haha.

A & M 2

Jumping Janes 🙂

There is plenty more I can say and show you, but let’s be honest, most of are too lazy to read anything beyond 203 words. And, my hands are freeezing here as I’m typing. I may just get carpel tunnel :/ Kidding. but seriously I don’t think I can type much anymore.

I hope you enjoyed my little picture show, it’s merely a fraction of what I have to show you but uploading anymore would take days. 🙂 I will however post some more in snip-bits, to show off Andrea and My photography skills.

edible pleasures to all, have a super weekend!



2 thoughts on “Our trip to Phily’

  1. Mariam, you are too cute. Your post definitely gives Philadelphia good credit, as it deserves! There was no need (at all) for a public thank you. You are a great exploring buddy. Can’t believe you posted our illegal jumping janes on, haha 😀

    • 🙂 thank you… Well, I had a great time and it was all thanx to you. hahaha, I don’t think anyone who will see this post will recognise where we were. I hopw not, If so..OH well.

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