Hopes of succeeding

Hello everyone 🙂

Today’s post will be pretty short & simple. It’s about my idea to start my own little business. I feel the need for change and productivity in order to broaden and utilise my food skills.

So here it is: I’d like to start a baking/catering business, relatively small-scale. So why this, and why now? Well to be honest I do kind of need the money, I would very much like to get myself a new cellphone, and car (my license serves no purpose when I can’t really make good use of it). besides the reason mentioned above, I think it will also give me better opportunities and experience for the future. and most importantly, While I do enjoy working with people, I do love being my own boss as well. I can do as I please with my business and showcase my independence. I’ve always thought about doing it for quite some time now, But the idea really struck me when My birthday cake, which cost a heap-load turned out to be an anti-climax. not too sound too cocky, But I ma positive that I would have done a 100% better job, and saved myself the disappointment. Besides it not looking too appealing, it tasted bland and worthless. I could kick myself for not having done it myself, then again varsity was taking over my life at that same moment so time was not on my side in that regard.

I know very well that the whole cupcake and baking thing seems overrated and done-before, so I seriously need to establish a sense of uniqueness for my business. the brainstorming is in process, so no worries there. with that said, while it kind of  monotonous It’s what the people what, and as entrepreneurs we know when there is a want or need we try to provide our products or services as best we can. I’m glad to say that for what I have come-up with so far, people have recognized my efforts so let’s hope they’re all willing to make use of it.

I must admit, I don’t thoroughly enjoy the full on baking but rather the decorating part of it. My mom is very good at it though, so I have proposed an offer to her that she runs that side of the business. I said it before, and I will say it again: I feel no guilt in this whatsoever since Mr Cake-boss does not bake his cakes either.

This is merely an idea which I hope to execute during these holidays, I have yet to come up with a name, slogan, logo, business plan and whatever other technical formalities. But those shouldn’t be a major issue, I hope. Luckily I am well equipped and do have enough capital start-up funds, so we’re good to go there. All that is needed now, is pure dedication and of course a name. Once that’s sorted I only hope my bright idea will be a success. I will keep you all posted when this entire thing kicks-off 🙂

peace ’till then, and edible pleasures to all!



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