A New Venture

Hello Dear Friends

So, It’s been a while. A long while. I drop my head in shame for having being so distant lately. Life has been intensely hectic as I have recently started my Internship at Shout Factory Media. I am aware of how unprofessional I have been since I have not committed  to the bloggers ‘terms & conditions’. So let this be my formal apology, and let us get on to better news on my new job!

Working at Shout Factory has been awesome thus far! My colleagues and Boss Mr Jason Whitehouse have welcomed Aimee and I with the utmost kindness. So far we have written a few articles and done Interviews with J.Pinn & Co which is in fact a Jewellery company and not food related at all. But hey, It was a great experience!. on a regular basis we edit and upload press releases and news articles and just started to manage and update the Facebook and twitter accounts for one of their magazines, Hospitality Marketplace.

While all of this is a great learning experience I must admit the best part is in fact working just a walk away from the beach :). During our lunch-break, Aimee and I take a walk down and just hang out to quote Aimee, ”Life is a Breeze!” and indeed it is. I know it seems crazy, since it is winter right now, but we still love it. The experience and adventure will just get better when summer arrives.

I hope the next few months of this internship goes well, and I learn many more things about this industry and the working world. 🙂

Below are a few images we captured while on the beach.

Until next time, Edible pleasures to all!

Aimee having fun

smile for the camera!


loving the view










<3 Cape Town

I Love Cape Town <3… Those guys down there totally ruined the Image. but all is good 🙂               


<3 Cape Town

love C.T.                                                     


<3 shell

look, A heart shell on the sands…


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