Routes off the N2: Nanaga Farmstall

Hello all!

During my short, yet enjoyable  and relaxing holiday this year My family & I took a road-trip down to Port Elizabeth (P.E.). Having lived in Cape Town my entire life, P.E. is – how do I put this lightly Boring! this is simply due to fact that It’s seems to be the only place in South Africa that my parents find second best to home. While it is a great place for relaxing when rest is needed, for youngsters, like myself it gets monotonous when that’s the ONLY place your dad wants to drive to. I have failed to mention that we probably go about once a year, which doesn’t seem too bad particularly when you’ve got time to spend with family. But seriously, I can do plenty more things In Cape Town than over there. This year however I made sure that we’d take some time to route out further, going beyond the city of Port Elizabeth itself.

One of the great places we drove to was Nanaga Farm stall- situated just off the N2, 45 minutes out of P.E. and ongoing towards Grahamstown.

This quaint little farmstall is best known for their variety of pies and Rooster Brood (grilled bread). I haven’t tried there pies, but I can tell you that Their rooster bread is outstandingly delicious! it too is served up with a variety of fillings from plain butter to something more filling such as egg and cheese – perfect for brunch time. While there, we all shared a piece of the plain butter, which melts immediately and soaks into the soft bread; melted cheese – which in my opinion was quite overwhelming but still good, I would never have been able to gobble down the entire portion though; And my favourite, Butter & Apricot jam. The sweetness of the jam and saltiness of the melted butter just infused so well in my mouth, I simply had to savour each bite! All the fillings in my opinion were quite rich and delicious in their own way, but for me it would have to classified as a treat. Besides being rich, the portion size was huuuge. I could never indulge as often as I’d like. I should keep in mind that it is a farm stall, so the rustic appearance & over-sized portions is part of what makes them great – a true farm stall.

Along with their pies and rooster brood, Nanaga has a variety of other foods such as muffins, biltong, cakes, Ice cream, Jams, Sauces, Pickles and so much more! In store there is a gift shop as well, with the cutest (yet pricey) gifts to suite anyone. We also bought a few jars of their famous home-made jam (with literally over 30 types it was extremely hard to choose). It ranged from the classic strawberry and apricot to wild and exciting flavours such as pineberry: a combination of pineapple & gooseberry. We bought a jar of that to take home as well as the blueberry, and they’re both amazing! I often enjoy any jam on my toast, simple yet divine! I am hoping to make some blueberry pie or tarts with the jam, maybe add some apple and we’re good to go!

Nanaga proves to be a serene place to enjoy some peace and quite, as it is in fact in the middle of nowhere. I especially love the garden and seating area which seems like a great place to have a little picnic. Parallel to the farm stall is Nanaga’s restaurant, which I also haven’t given a try but hope to do so if I am ever driving along the N2 again someday.

All in all I enjoyed the experience. A farm stall or any place which is away from the city is not suited to many people But for me it’s perfect; I truly enjoy being outdoors and going back to simplicity, away from the rushed urban life.

Below are a few images of a few of the different things Nanaga has to offer.(Do excuse the order of the pictures, it is a bit randomly dispersed, and kind of jumps around!)

If you’re ever driving along the N2, do try to turn off to NANAGA, it is worth it!

Until next time, many pleasures to all 🙂

the little garden

the entrance

NANAGA farm stall Entrance

Yum! Rooster brood with apricot jam! looks a bit 'messy'' but it was so delish! simple yet gorgeous.

Yum! Rooster brood with apricot jam! looks a bit ‘messy” but it was so delish! simple yet gorgeous.

part of their range of sauces and preserves, this is just the 1 section! there are plenty more jams the other side

part of their range of sauces and preserves, this is just the 1 section! there are plenty more jams the other side

garden feauture, love it!

garden feauture, love it!


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