Another Day, Another Post.

Hello Hello 🙂

I trust you are all well and warm (Those experiencing winter). Gosh, I actually cannot handle these extreme climate changes in Cape Town anymore. It appears to be all sunny and warm one minute, then suddenly I see the spontaneous rainfall from outside the window. While Cape Town’s unique characteristic of weather change may be somewhat cool, it takes its’ toll on many people including me as it causes our sinusitis and hay fever to go all haywire. I cannot complete typing one sentence without having to wipe my runny nose. Clever solution for this tough, we should increase our intake of Vitamin C and foods containing it. Well, I can’t; not that I’m complaining about having to fast, but at this point I really wish I could overdose myself with a good gulp of freshly squeezed orange juice, take some drugs and have a good nap to avoid myself from snapping at any moment. I long to live in a place where the weather is pretty standard- if such a place even exists, or at least anywhere away from this torturous cold. Oh summer, I need you here!! Anyway, enough venting and complaining about things that cannot be changed by human will. Onto better things…

I am proud to tell you that one of my articles has been published on Chef Mag website! I recently wrote a few short articles on various food ingredients. See the first here, Cardamom: pods packed with power:

Many people do not know that I am quite in love with spices and herbs; I think that many dishes are incomplete without them. Besides them being quite beneficial to ones health, they are so versatile and enhances the flavour of any dish (when used in correct proportion that is).

I especially love those typical Indian spices (No, not because I am of Indian heritage or maybe it is, I’m not too sure) such as saffron, cinnamon and cardamom to mention a few. What I love about it is that a little goes a long way and they’re packed with Flavour and great aroma, Especially cardamom. I absolutely love the floral aroma and flavour of it. This spice puts many people off because of its pungency when the pod is bitten on or chewed, I use to hate seeing it in my Moms food as a child, I never understood the purpose of her adding it to her dishes. As I have grown, I have realised what a differences those pods have made. Two of my favourite drinks are made with cardamom: a rich and creamy milk drink infused with cardamom, cinnamon, almonds and butter, this drink is great either warm or cold. The other drink is made with rose syrup, a bit of honey or sugar, and of course cardamom, it is so amazingly refreshing; It’s like drinking the juice of the most exquisite flower. When adding milk to this drink, it transforms into Faloodah, a famous milkshake usually served for Iftaar (Breaking Fast).

I also added a few pods to one of my recipes for our assignment on using rice as the main ingredient. I made a nutty rice dessert, which was quite decadent and rich!  However next time a prepare my dessert I think I will need to use ground cardamom instead, to avoid ruining peoples appetite if they were bite on a pod, And yes this happened during sensory evaluation, I am so sorry Andrea. I planned to share the recipe with you, but sadly I cannot seem to find my USB/memory stick right now, I hope I didn’t lose it this day is horrible as it is! My sneezing and sniffles just got worse, I could fall over and Die!! OK, I am being way too dramatic, apologies but someone out there understands so Thank you.

I also just realized there was no clear point to this post, other than me taking a moment to share my feelings. I hope this ‘journal entry’ wasn’t too much of a bore… But that’s all from me, Its back to work for now. I hope all of you have a peaceful and blessed day further!!

Just a little quote to brighten my day, and anyone else who's having a not-so-fab day.

Just a little quote to brighten my day, and anyone else who’s having a not-so-fab day. 🙂

Many pleasures To all xx


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