My take on: Eid

Hello Good People!!

I thought I might not be able to blog this week since work has been super hectic! I have become a P.A. to the Office P.A.; totally uncool and NOT Diggin’ it. But Ag, shame she really needed the help so I will let it go. I sure hope it won’t become a habbit or my internship and 3 years of studying will feel like a waste of time. I am sitting at my desk soaking wet so I feel quite uncomfortable as I am typing. This all because I tried to be all brave and a good civilian while at the beach earlier today. A Tourist asked me to get some beach water, since they’re not close to the ocean. So i thought, Wow cool why not. Then, Swooosh! surprise, surprise a wave decides to hit me. This would be fine if I didn’t have to return to work looking like a total Retard! But oh well, I picked up a pretty shell and did a random good deed. 🙂

Anyway, I did say a few weeks ago I’d let you all know about the special day All Muslims celebrated this past Sunday i.e. Eid.

I must be quite honest and let you know, It was good, but I probably have nothing interesting to say about it… I spent most of the day at home this Eid, Since my gran was a bit ill. Not that it’s her fault at all that It was somewhat a plain-mundane day, but I found myself to be quite bored throughout the day. Usually we would visit family and friends, greet them and they’d force you to eat a lil snack when you get there. The tables are decorated beautifully with flowers sweeties cakes and basically whatever small bites you feel you want to prepare or buy. I must say some people tend to go overboard with the whole occasion; I get it, it’s Eid but all that fancy food becomes a waste since it looks too exquisite to eat and people just stare at it.

What I do love most about Eid is the memorable and random conversations spent with family, especially the ones you haven’t seen in a while. This is the best the best part of the entire day, just because I enjoy good conversation, laughter and time spent with Family and friends. Not even the food matters more to me than this. I cherish time spent with Family and friends because, well because honestly I feel as if our extended family may eventually become estranged; my kids (if ever I am to become a mother) may not even know their cousins due to the lame but sad fact that we don’t have time for each other. So for me, Eid is all about Family. We should at least spare 1 or 2 days of our lives spent with these people.

Another great part of Eid is that we get to dress up; something I do not often get to do since I prefer my normal days in casual wear. Here again, People tend to go overboard with style, and spending money. It’s Crazy, like you’re not getting married :/… but yeah I guess we all just have our own ways when it comes to fashion.

I noticed I have been rather negative about certain things, this is not pleasureful at all! So sorry for this but it gets to me that people do not comprehend the true meaning of Eid; we go crazy spending so much money on things to impress others when in fact we should be more charitable toward those who are not as well off as we are. Yes, It is entirely possible to have an amazingly awesome day without spending so much money that you become broke the next day. I am still babbling on, SORRRRY…. I suppose this may be yet another venting session, that is part of blogging though ain’t it? I shall end off right there for today, hopefully have a more uplifting post next time and focus on the good things in life.

To all Muslims, A belated Eid Mubarak. I do indeed hope it has been a glorious and blessed day!

Many Pleasures to all xx


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