Dear Diary…

Yo Peeps!


So I missed my ‘Venting session’ yesterday due to the fact that I had loads of work to get through. I have been off sick for a couple of days, thanks to a new virus outbreak, causing nausea, vomiting and a fever as some of its symptoms. I am feeling a bit better, but then that darn hay fever got to me again so I am sort of experiencing De ja vu from about 2 weeks ago, luckily this time I can drug myself (although It’s not quite kicking in, so kill me. Now.) Alright, I am being dramatic as usual but seriously, I cannot deal with this. I am going through tissues like…(Trying to think of a metaphor but I am so Buzzed that my brain is blocked)

Anyhoosalbies, as a blogger I have committed myself to posting my experiences, thoughts, likes and dislikes etc…So I cannot blog as I please, well I can because its My blog, but I need to be consistent in doing so, even if it means I am to write about irrelevant topics, so be it. While nothing particularly smashingly interesting has occurred in my life recently, besides being victimized by a some sort of stomach bug, this post like my past few, will be quite pointless and much like a journal entry based on my thoughts (Hence the lame title).

I am pleased to say though, I have been receiving much more feedback on my writing as well as ‘likes’ based on what I thought would be rather boring. I suppose this could be due to the fact that people agree with my opinions, and possibly also relate to what I have to say. Which Is pretty cool, so thank you Guys! 🙂 so here’s to many more ‘Dear Diary’ posts, hoping it will be worth it.

I have also noticed that I have actually been complaining quite a lot in my recent posts. I thought this was worth mentioning because it’s not quite fitting to the name of my blog,’ LIFE & all its pleasures’. I said I would be writing about all that is good in this life, but this has not exactly been that way. I suppose I could say that I am putting more focus in the ‘LIFE’ part of my blog, and maybe being sarcastic toward the ‘all its pleasures’ part. Maybe I am actually, But Hopefully this won’t always be the case. I will indeed try my best to incorporate more ‘Pleasure’ in the near future, But for now lets say this is mainly A Thoughts on ‘LIFE’ based blog, shall we? Great!

I shall have to abruptly end off there, because I’ve got to continue with some work, which is painfully horrible since people have a way of complicating things! I am also feeling rather nauseas (I think I am spelling this word incorrectly, but you understand it so lets not get anal) and feel as if I may just throw up again, sorry for being so uhm, graphic, but this is how I feel. I think it’s more people working on my nerves, rather than the bug in my system. But I’ll stop being so petty and dramatic, and just get on with life…

Until my next post, Many pleasure to all… Hoping you have a blessed day further; Peace! xx


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