When Work is a Blast…


Trust you all had a lovely weekend, I know I did :). It’s not often that my entire weekend goes down well (very often anti-climatic), particularly with that boring family of mine(no disrespect, but this is true at times). Thank fully, this past weekend started well with me attending a work event Friday evening (which will be the focus of this weeks blog), a baby shower as well as an engagement of two my cousins. Sunday started off as a blur, but ended off well when my mom decided she would take my sister and I out for shopping!

I never thought I’d fall into the category of women who love shopping, but as I have grown and matured into a young lady, I learned to absolutely Love it!! Not that I can afford most of what catches my eye, but OH-MY-GOSH The beauty that the fashion industry has to offer is amazing to me! I mean, if you’ve been to Forever New, or Typo or Cotton-on (The list goes on and on and on…),you tend to go a bit Wacky, right Ladies? I usually end up sulking though, since those prices are a bit outrageous, but there is this feeling which arises and your head just tells you I NEED I WANT I MUST HAVE, then after a while you realize your moment of irrationality and just walk away….

But I have been Babbling on way too much and lost track of my initial post…so let’s get to it! After spending almost 2 hours in traffic, we arrived at the Steepsters Ice Tea launch, which was held at Casparus, a cool restaurant in the heart of Stellenbosch. The outlook of this place is much to my desire, since I love the whole vintage old look of things, which was exactly what this place appeared to be. The interior however, is much of a contrast to the outside. It uses abstract and modern arts, and the setting is warm with an eclectic twist.

While it was in fact an ice tea launch, one would think that’s were the focus would. Maybe it was for some, but for me the highlight was the food (as it would be in most cases). The Caspurus Restaurant  team, lead by Chef Etienne Bonthuys served up some great little snack-bites. Firstly, there was an unforgettable Butternut Soup, which had the perfect ratio of heat from the red chilli to the  sweetness of the butternut. I cannot stop thinking about it, and trying to analyse each flavour so that I can try it out myself at home. Next they served a sort of deconstructed Boerewors (a traditional South African treat consisting of sausage on a roll, served with various condiments) I did not try this since I am not a huge meat fan, and I was not sure if it was halaal but I can tell you it looked delish! Lastly and very sadly they served up Traditional, and yet again deconstructed Milk Tart, which I did not get to taste, so no comment there.

As for the Ice Tea drinks, which came in a range of 4 different and very interesting flavours I don’t have that much to say. I cannot remember all their names exactly, but the Steepsters guys decided to go with traditional South African themed names. Something like The Dark horse(Rooibos and prune), Wild goose chase(Vanilla and cranberry), bareback porcupine ride( something with passion fruit) were 3 of the names, and the other I absolutely don’t know since it was difficult to pronounce.. I apologize for being so ‘Los-kop’ (which translates to Loose headed i.e. not focused or forgetful), I had this all written down and now I can’t seem to find the paper, what an idiot. I need Caffeine. Or sugar. Or food. wait, I choose Sleep haha. But I will be getting back to you on those names!

All in all, I must be honest and say it wasn’t something I’d go crazy for, most flavours were somewhat of an acquired taste. Since it was part of work, I also had interview a few people and found out what they thought. It seemed to be more of A hit when served with alcohol though, which I just smiled and nodded in response to hearing, as I would never be able to relate or comprehend because I do not drink booze, but If that’s how its going to sell, then it’s great for Steepsters! 🙂 I do not have cool images to show because well, My camera sucks. I did manage to get 1 decent looking pic though, see below:

I snap-shot of the gifts Steepsters provided as guests were on their way...The packaging was rather dull and plain for my liking though.

I snap-shot of the gifts Steepsters provided as guests were on their way…The packaging was rather dull and plain for my liking. Very much like the bottle though. Oh, this is the 1 I can’t pronounce.

The evening proved to be a success as everyone got along and had good conversations, I myself had a great time and would love to do it again; even if it means I’ll be doing interviews since they’re not all too bad when it’s a crowd of pretty decent peeps! I look forward to many more events, (Hopefully) and very excited in anticipation of all great things to come my way during my time at Shout Factory…

It saddens me to end of there, but I do have to get back to work :(, besides I doubt anyone would read any further as I am going on quite a bit and fear I may bore you (But really getting a hang of this blogging thing!) so until next time…

Many pleasures to all, I indeed hope you have a splendid and blessed day further. Peace Homies!




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