Magnificent Mezbaan

Hello good people!

Trust all is good your side.

This past Friday, as part of a work related event I attended a menu tasting event at Mezbaan Restaurant, situated in the Hilton Cape Town city centre hotel. Now, I know it’s been a week later so this is rather delayed, but I beg your forgiveness since work has been pretty hectic.

Mezbaan Restaurant

Mezbaan Restaurant

Before elaborating any further, I need to inform you that it was pretty a-ma-zing! I truly felt honoured for being invited. Well to be honest, our editor was invited but she was unable to attend, and thankfully asked the 2 interns to attend.

Apart from having eaten a very well presented and delish menu, a big component of a successful event is how well the guests get along and socialise. I can gladly say it was great, since only a select few guests from various magazines were invited. Perhaps, a bit more of which the rest could not attend. But having such an intimate event, everyone has a chance to mingle and feel free to speak. We were quite a diverse group of people, some young and some a bit older, all of whom got along extremely well, with no limitation of conversational topics.

As guests arrived we were served a refreshing and thirst quenching drink. We all conversed for a bit, and a few minutes later the real fun began. Guests were given the chance to be part of the team as well, as some prepared Lassis (Yoghurt drink) and others  Naan(Indian flat bread), which was a great way to start the event. I chose the Naan, since I am a huge fan and could it eat any day, I wanted to experience it the traditional way of preparing it. The already prepared dough was pressed out into a flat circle, and then spread onto a flat rounded object, which is used to hold the naan as you press it into the Tandoori oven. Placing the naan into the oven was not as easy as you’d think. It is blasting hot!! I actually burnt my arm and singed the tiny hairs on it, but nothing serious. The chef thought we were ridiculous and laughed at us for being terrified, but well, he’s use to it.

Making Naan with Chef Khan

Making Naan with Chef Khan

Making some delicious Lassis

Making some delicious Lassi with Instructor Fred

After some fun and laughter, attendants were then showed to their seats, and ready for lunch to be served. The lovely Indian inspired dishes were the creation of Executive Chef Andrew Lee and Restaurant Chef Muhammed Khan ( We are not Related) along with their ever so talented team of assistant chefs. Chef Khan hailing from India aims to present and serve dishes that are served in a contemporary style, combing authentic dishes with modern trends.

As the dishes were being prepared, guests had the opportunity to converse and snack on some light Indian crisps (better known as Pappadums) along with a trio of condiments consisting of Atchaar, Chilli yoghurt and pickled onions. Which were so lovely and very light, with the perfect amount of spice sprinkled on the crisps.

Lunch then commenced with a lovely Starter of Tandoori Aloo (Tandoori oven baked Potato, filled with chicken, along with Paneer Mint chutney).

The Starter

The Starter, what a neat presentation!

Next was a lovely Fish dish, comprising of Seafood Mouilli, with mildly spiced Mustard flavoured Turmeric & Coconut Sauce.  The sauce was exceptionally good, and paired very well with the fish. I must be honest and say I sort of struggled to eat this dish, since I had to endure proper table etiquette and eat using the knife and fork, in my mind I kept thinking, I wish I could use my hands to de-shell this prawn. But it was soon over, luckily I did not mess as I usually would have.

Second Course

Second Course, that sauce was amazing!

To cleanse our palettes, visitors were served with a deliciously sweet Rose Water and Mint Frappe.  Which was actually sweeter than I expected, but I do love my rose flavoured food so It was all good with me.

The much anticipated main course was served thereafter; it consisted of Tandoori Tangri (Chicken) and Coriander flavoured creamy lamb with saffron Pilaf and a side of vegetable Miloni Tarkari.

The Main Meal

The Main Meal, The lamb was cooked to perfection.

Feeling rather full at this point, I was not sure if I could down the dessert, but one had to simply give it a go since it sounded so enticing; and it was. For dessert we had Orange Sago Phirnee (similar to a sago pudding), with Gulab Jamoon (A milk dumpling served in syrup) along with some seasonal fruit to balance the richness of the dessert.


Dessert, Loved the sago pudding most as well as the fruits. The Jamoon was too sweet for my liking

After having completed our very substantial and delectable meal, the Chef was called out and we felt it necessary to applaud him for his efforts and talent. To end off an amazing day, each guest was given a goody bag consisting of a couple of Patchi chocolates and a box of incense, compliments of The Hilton hotel.


the gifts

The goody Bag: A box of incense and Patchi Chocolates (the missing one was eaten already). Thank you Hilton Hotel 🙂

If you’re ever feeling for some good Indian Cuisine, Mezbaan Restaurant should definitely be an option!

Until Next time, Peace!



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