Cooking With Friends

Greetings, Good People.

It’s been a while, and I’m sure many of you know why. For those who don’t, work has kept me Busy like a Bee Sucking up some pollen from blossoming flowers. (I’m trying to be poetic, It’s not working well.)

Anyway, today’s post will yet again be one that is somewhat work related, (or very work related) but also a really great experience for my career! Which is why I thought I’d share it with you. 🙂

While some might be thinking ”Oh No! Here she goes again with how cool her job is..Blah Blah Shut-Up, Woman!…”, Some of my friends enjoy my ”Dear Diary” posts since we barely see each other and they find it to be great way to sort of ‘keep in touch’.

So, Let me officially begin before I lose sight of what I initially intended to write about.

This past Friday (If you’ve noticed, plenty of things occur on a Friday, ’tis usually a good day for me) a few of my friends and I had the opportunity to test a few recipes and do a photo-shoot for the magazine I work for. It was exceptionally great for a first time kinda thing, and surely hope I will have the chance to do so again.

Aimee, Andrea & Myself are so proud to have our recipes published in a  magazine, It feels kinda cool to know you’ve accomplished this at a young age. (Though it be a bit minor to some, it’s a major deal for us Interns). I am so excited to share the recipes with you, but it will have to wait until they are officially published, I don’t want to be forward and jump the gun now.

I can however let you know what was on the Menu!

After much planning and discussion as to what would be fitting for spring, we finally came to a conclusion and thought it be best to keep it simple. This is due to the mere fact that some people are not really out-of-the-box cooks, and are hesitant to try new, unique dishes. This is sad, but rather true as proven by the studies of Consumer Behaviour, so we did what we thought might work for most people.

For the first course we chose a Phyllo vegetarian samoosa, consisting of Broccoli, feta cheese and caramelised onions. We had to change from using asparagus to broccoli instead because the hypermarket was sold out, how unfortunate! The broccoli worked quite well though, and served with a balsamic vinegar reduction, it turned out to be super yummy! The balsamic reduction just adds another level of flavour, while still complimenting all other ingredients.

For the Main’s, we went with our initial idea. Aimee thought of making a citrus flavoured chicken, and to add a bit of variation I thought we could try adding Chai tea as well. Not sure how it would turn out, I was anxious to know the results. Without being Biased, I can say It was AMAZING, truly delicious. This was paired with some roast potato, and a light side salad.

Andrea developed a recipe earlier this year, she came up with a Chai chocolate truffle. We loved it so much and thought it would be cool to have that as dessert. I tried it with some marscapone cheese, and that too was delish! Such a great dessert, Well  done Andrea for coming up with it!

As an extra, we also made some Lavender Biscotti. I thought it would be cool to incorporate a sort of floral essence somehow and my supervisor agreed! This very aromatic and enticing Biscotti could be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee, as a great way to end-off the meal!

As I end off this post, I would also like to share some Behind the scenes images, Stay tuned for more amazing photos as I cannot upload them all right now. The best is yet to come 🙂

Aimee and I

Aimee & I having a bit of twisted fun

Andrea preparing the chocolate for her truffles

Aimee & Nuraan, the great Photographer

Aimee & Nuraan, the great Photographer

Preparing The truffles

preparing the truffles, look at that chocolate- Yum! Image by Andrea

Oh, how I love Lavender! Image by Andrea

Oh, how I love Lavender! Image by Andrea

Cooking with the girls was plenty of fun; we a chance to catch up and also just be our silly selves. I will be pitching the idea to them for us to do it again, for pure fun! For now however, I need to get back to researching recipes for my assignment, so I shall have to end off here. Part 2 of  ”Cooking With Friends” will consist of a bit more photos, and a lot less chatter from me (Lucky for some!), and hopefully a recipe or two.

Check out their blogs as well: Aimee-  & Andrea-

Until then, Many pleasures to all 🙂

have a blessed day further xx


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