A Blogger In Need of Help

Hello peeps,

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far, I know I am.

Apart from Monday which was Crrrrazzzy, the past few days have been so good! I met new people, work has been cool, and I just feel truly happy in life.

As I said in my last post, I would keep this 1 short-er than usual. I know I get a bit elaborate and tend to babble on like a parrot, but with so many things to do at this moment in time, I’ll be brief.

So, as you know my posts have not been very timely and up to date, I apologize. This craziness has been occurring quite often lately, and one can only apologize so many times. I therefore decided to do something about my time management. I’ve never been one to follow a diary, or write what I need to do, merely because when I use to It just never worked out at all. I do of course write certain things down such as deadlines and what not but not EVERYTHING as so many other people do. So I guess my point is, does it truly work? having a diary or day-planner?

Perhaps I should get back into the habit and see if it works this time around. My issue has never been, ”so much to do; so little time.” I suppose my problem is that I get distracted easily at times, and tend to procrastinate in certain situations. so, for today I am publicly saying that I will definitely try harder to work on time management and scheduling my tasks. I will have to, being a working girl is no joke and in media particularly, everything needs to be done immediately and continuously.

To anyone out there who has their time management sorted, would you be so kind as to give me advice on what works for you? Those who know me well, can message me, others can mail me or simply just comment below. I have provided other options because people hardly ever comment, so I’m hoping today could be a first. I don’t know why though? So many people would tell me they liked my posts but they don’t comment? It’s a South African thing I think. But That’s a whole other topic, which I am hoping to discuss at a later stage. For now, I plead for someone’s help…

Before I end-off, I’d just like to follow-up with regard to the last posts, the recipes have not yet been published, I will be writing up a post as soon as the magazine is sorted. I know, I’m trying to be patient too but not too long now 🙂

I see this post wasn’t as short as I intended, I guess that too needs some work hey, Hahaha. But I shall use my gift of elaboration when completing my articles due later today.

Until Next time,

Have a blessed day further, Peace!

Humour for Today

A bit of random humour, also showing exactly how I feel at times!



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