Things I Have a Weakness For

Hello peeps!

Hope all is good in the real world…

As with many of my posts lately, they could be deemed irrelevant, with no true point at all. This one is no different I’m afraid. But maybe that’s just it- Maybe blogging shouldn’t REALLY have a point in some sense, maybe it’s more of a sidetrack, something that allows us to liberate our thoughts in words. That is what it has become for me at least.

Blogging is kinda new for me, I have just started recently and I have already learnt that it can be whatever you want it to be. So today I decided to share just one of the things in life that I have a weakness for. That weakness is the beautiful animal species known to be Elephants. Pretty random, I know. ”Like why is this chick blogging about Elephants- Crazy Much?” yeah, I hear your thoughts Hahaha

I don’t know why, I don’t know how. I just do. There’s something about them that I love; they’re beautiful and have such beautiful characteristics.

The way they care for each other, the way the mother would do ANYTHING to protect her young. Their greeting rituals when seeing fellow Ellie’s upon returning to their herd. In many ways, They’re just like us. I particularly love how they play, laugh and even cry when sad; they also have incredible memories!

And how absolutely adorable are those baby Ellie’s? I cant Help but smile when I see them.

I can’t deal with the cuteness! Image from Gorah

A while back I had the opportunity to see them up-close. while on Holiday I begged my family to take me to the Addo Elephant park in Port Elizabeth. It was hard to convince them but I’m glad they gave in. I did mention I would not forgive them if they decided against me though- Such a brat hey. we literally drove for over 2 hours in hopes of sighting a group of elephants, I was determined to see them and may have cried if I didn’t. My mother was hopping mad for making her drive for such a long time, but to my luck we eventually spotted A Mama with her 2 babies. This made my day!!  I kind of wanted to get much closer, but my dad was scared. He said the Mommy Ellie see us as a threat and might just stomp us down! I was like, I don’t care I want to see the Elephants, NOW!

We only got to see the 3 of them that day, which was better than nothing. But I surely hope to visit Addo if ever I am in the Port again.

Below are a few Images I could capture from the car, Hope You like them as Much as I do:

Mama, and her babies- How cute! they’re looking right at us

Shy Elephant hiding behind Mama, and that little 1 is like ”Can’t touch this”

Elephant playing at the beach

Okay, How cute is this? I couldn’t help but laugh when I found this on Google


I have quite a few more images to show, but I’ll leave it at that for now. Hope you all like these pictures, and maybe there are people out there who share this interest of Elephants.

There are plenty more things in life which I love, and hope to share them with you in the near future; after all that is the theme of My blog – Finding the good things in life, things that bring pleasure to our lives and a smile to our heart 🙂

Until my next post, Stay golden- Peace!!






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