Welcome Back to Blogging

Helloo Peeps..

So, It’s a Friday night and I have decided to write-up a blog post.

Why?? Because people make me sick and writing calms me down. Besides that…It’s been a while hey. :/

Probably over 3 weeks. I won’t apologise, well, because no-one actually cares, right? But I will let you know I have been super busy. College assignments + day job= Hectic Much. But thank goodness that’s over!

I can officially say I am a graduate 🙂 and will also be continuing my studies next year, because I’m that nerdy. I will also be retaining my job at the media company, so be prepared for plenty more pointless, irrelevant posts about my life as a working student.

Anyway, I won’t babble on further, I just needed to vent after having a brief argument with someone who continues to prove their hypocritical manners. I’m still upset, but not as irrationally livid as I was 8 minutes ago. Writing does help. I understand why people pursue diaries and journals now.

I also want to take this time to boast —  tomorrow I will be attending an exclusive conference hosted by Eat Out & DStv… I anticipate it to be pretty a-ma-zing. Loads of guest chef speakers, lovely food prepared by renowned chefs and best of all, socializing and meeting new people! 🙂 I feel extremely privileged to be attending this event since it costs like a thousand bucks per ticket. Yes, 1000. Bit of pressure though since my boss will be expected one heck of a story to be written, since it is kind of prestigious event. Lets hope all goes well.

More great news, I can finally post the recipes  Aimee and I developed as well as Andrea’s yummy Chai Chocolate truffles. I will try to do so promptly, and not wait another 3 weeks. (Here I was thinking my time management had improved. Disappointing.)

I will be ending off there for now, since I need some rest after a tedious day… I surely will be posting soon.

0O0O0 Many pleasures, and a blessed weekend to you all 0O0O0

[I tried to do some signature art sign-off. looks retarded. I’ll work on it]

Peace till then..



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