Polyvore Addiction

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Hello All!


For those who follow my blog, you may have received a stream of emails last night regarding new posts (they were a bit random I know). These posts are images of my style creation made via Polyvore.com.


Luckily, I have received some great responses from those posts, but I’d still like to apologize to those who were in a bit of  a shocker upon receiving like 10 emails within a few minutes. I literally just started this new experience last night, and it was addictive. I mean, it’s a girls dream to create her very own outfit collections and wardrobe style. So be prepared to see more of my styling  although maybe not ten at  time, that’s a bit irrational. I am hoping to be a bit more consistent with my blogging as I have been off it for a VERY long time, even if it means just posting up my polyvore collections most of the time. Which I think would be okay, right ladies? And perhaps I could try creating collections for males as well, as soon as I get the hang of polyvore.


You’re welcome to check out my Polyvore profile: here


And if you’re interested in creating your very own profile (Which I highly recommend) got to www.polyvore.com 


Hope you will enjoy the posts to follow,


Cheers ’til then! xx



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