Life Simplified: About My Blog

Welcome to Life & All its pleasures

Finding the good things in Life

This blog is all about providing fellow bloggers and bloggees (Is that a word?! well, it is now) with all sorts of random facts, feeds, and basically everything and anything about LIFE. I aim to share any of my activities and experiences, as well as publishing different aspect regarding life, such as good Food, Balanced wellness, Nature, and many more inspiring things I get hold of. This blog is somewhat like a journal, in the sense that I can share my thoughts and vent a little without getting too personal!

 ‘The Food Fairy‘, which use to be my primary blog is no longer in use, since I felt the need to broaden the subject of my blog and not just write about Food. Although the name has changed I do still consider myself to be ‘A  Food Fairy’, as I hope to add a magic touch to world of food, in hopes of becoming a Food socialite 🙂 [Big Dreams]

As a Consumer Science: Food & Nutrition student I will also share what  I have learnt about the course, and provide my opinion and some facts regarding my career path.

Keep browsing to read or learn anything about ‘Life & All it’s Pleasures‘ and feel free to share your stories or opinions right here…

A bit about Me:

I am a 20-something young lady, residing in the beautiful Mother city [Cape Town, South Africa]. I have hopes of becoming somewhat of a nomad, as I’d love to travel this world with no exact destination in mind.

I am still trying to find my way in life, and very keen to learn more about this beautiful life whilst also trying to comprehend it.

I have so much to say, as I have so many beliefs and opinions based on life and the people of this world, but without getting too carried away I will try to keep this all simple and to the point. With that said, I am a firm believer of Logic and always try to find the logical explanation in a given situation.

I am quite complex; there is no 1- thing that I enjoy (It all depends on my mood). I truly love the outdoors, and could spend hours just finding my way through the mountain paths; but sometimes retail therapy also keeps me sane.

I love nature, I am somewhat of A Hippie. Seeing people litter or destroying the environment truly angers me, but I try to remain calm  as I confront them. 🙂

Like many people, I have a total weakness for animals, especially Baby elephants and all other cutesy cubs. Animal cruelty is yet another one of my pet-peeves (excuse the pun! haha)

From a young age, I’ve always loved capturing photos’ so in this blog I’d love to share some of my very amateur images with you.

I absolutely adore all things Vintage; sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era!  But I also don’t think I would be able to live quite as easily without the great wonders of technology (I mean, The internet thing was pure genius) which is yet another example of my complexity.

I tend to make up words & phrases when I cannot find ones to best describe what I want to say. So that’s something people have to deal with.

I am also a proud Muslim’ah following the faith of Islam, but also still learning about it as I travel this journey called life. All I hope for in this life is to be a better person, and a role model for younger generations to follow.

There is plenty more about me, but surely you’re thinking this post may a be a tad bit too long, so I’ll leave there for now.  🙂

I’d love for you keep in touch, as you read my future posts… As always, Many pleasures to all!

Mariam Khan, code name: Amarykhan

I ❤ Cape Town

A & M 2

Jumping Janes 🙂 My Friend Andrea, and myself having some fun in the middle of nowhere…



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