Things I Have a Weakness For

Hello peeps! Hope all is good in the real world… As with many of my posts lately, they could be deemed irrelevant, with no true point at all. This one is no different I’m afraid. But maybe that’s just it- Maybe blogging shouldn’t REALLY have a point in some sense, maybe it’s more of a sidetrack, […]

Another New Venture

Hello World! I do hope you are all well and happy. You may have noticed my blog name & address has changed, yet again. as you shake your head in utter confusion, allow me to explain the reason behind this spontaneous change. For a while now, I’ve wanted to make this change. I’ve experienced and […]

A New Venture

Hello Dear Friends So, It’s been a while. A long while. I drop my head in shame for having being so distant lately. Life has been intensely hectic as I have recently started my Internship at Shout Factory Media. I am aware of how unprofessional I have been since I have not committed  to the bloggers […]

Hopes of succeeding

Hello everyone 🙂 Today’s post will be pretty short & simple. It’s about my idea to start my own little business. I feel the need for change and productivity in order to broaden and utilise my food skills. So here it is: I’d like to start a baking/catering business, relatively small-scale. So why this, and […]

Have you heard?

the spur logo

Hey Peeps! I Trust that those of you who’ve had a long weekend have been enjoy it! Some of us however had to attend college, and could not escape the torture! Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, but still. Anyway, back to what’s important! So, we all know about Spur, Right?- The reason behind most […]

More amazing Kit’dgets

Sharky- tea infuser

Since last-week I simply could not wait to share some more amazing kit’dgets found on the greatest online pinboard: Pinterest! The image below is an all-in-one Mango cutter. So cool!! Well, for me it is (Since I mad about mangoes) 🙂 and hopefully my fellow mango lovers would love it too. There is actually no […]

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