When Work is a Blast…

Hello-Hello, Trust you all had a lovely weekend, I know I did :). It’s not often that my entire weekend goes down well (very often anti-climatic), particularly with that boring family of mine(no disrespect, but this is true at times). Thank fully, this past weekend started well with me attending a work event Friday evening […]

Dear Diary…

Yo Peeps! Whats-up? So I missed my ‘Venting session’ yesterday due to the fact that I had loads of work to get through. I have been off sick for a couple of days, thanks to a new virus outbreak, causing nausea, vomiting and a fever as some of its symptoms. I am feeling a bit […]

Another Day, Another Post.

Just a little quote to brighten my day, and anyone else who's having a not-so-fab day.

Hello Hello 🙂 I trust you are all well and warm (Those experiencing winter). Gosh, I actually cannot handle these extreme climate changes in Cape Town anymore. It appears to be all sunny and warm one minute, then suddenly I see the spontaneous rainfall from outside the window. While Cape Town’s unique characteristic of weather […]

A time for Purification, Guidance, and Self- Sacrifice

Wishing all Muslims a blessed month of Ramadaan

Good day everyone! Just a few days ago, The holy month of Ramadaan has begun! During this month Muslims around the world abstain from food, drink and other physical needs during the daylight hours. What most people don’t know is that the intention of this month goes far beyond abstaining from food & drink. It […]

Our trip to Phily’

A & M 2

Hello people! Hope you are all well & happy My post today, which is actually long overdue (please don’t judge me I’m still getting the hang of this Blogging thing) is all about my trip to Philadelphia, with my Dear friend Andrea. Waking up early on my day off from varsity was a bit a […]

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