Do go check out the new Market on the Wharf

I certainly will take this lady’s advice, Posted from ”My Affair with Cape Town.”

My Love Affair with Cape Town...

DSC02859You guys should’ve picked up by now that market exploring is one of my favourite pastimes.  So no surprise then that I was very excited to go check out the recently launched V&A Market on the Wharf.

It’s a new food market which has found its home in the same building where the old Musica warehouse used to be, right next to Nobel Square (home of the Albert Lutuli, Desmond Tutu, FW de Klerk & Nelson Mandela statues) and between the V&A Hotel and the Two Oceans Aquarium.

The really nice thing is that it’s perfectly placed to grab a snack inside and then get a seat outside to soak up some sunshine…

marketonwharf1But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s first focus on the grabbing a bite part. 😉  There’s more than 50 vendor stalls inside, spreading over two floors, and the whole place has a fresh deli style feel.

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2012 Eat Out Conference: A day of enlightenment, entertainment and education

Hello good people

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of Attending the first ever Eat Out Conference hosted by Eat Out, DStv and Food Network.

Eat Out DStv Food Network Conference

Eat Out DStv Food Network Conference

Their is so much to say, I don’t know How I will be fitting it all into one post. But without further Ado, let’s get to the point.

The day kicked off with an informative talk by Chef Luke Dale-Roberts. He spoke about what inspires him, and how he comes up with his unique ideas, we were lucky to get a few secrets out of him as well. When answering the question to what inspires him, he answered simply by saying: Everyday; the seasons that past & transcend are what drives his thoughts. With this inspiration, he portrays it into his dishes by using elements such as sea, and earth. By visualizing the dish he can create his master piece. He emphasizes on working backwards, ‘’When I think of a dish, I visualise it as a whole. I can taste it, see it, and understand it. And I work backwards from there.” He says.

Chef Luke also presented attendees with a few very well produced videos, the first showing ” A Day Spent in the Test Kitchen” and a few more with very interesting methods on how he, and his team creates their spectacular dishes. The presentation also focuses on he uses one main ingredient, in various forms. It was fascinating as it showed how one can create spectacular dishes, and bring about different flavours, hues, and textures using a simple ingredient.

Next was a very visual presentation by Photographer Dominic Davies and Chef/Graphic Designer Andrew Stellitano. Dominic Davies, who started off with no interest in food, has now become a renowned food photographer and has worked with Chef Heston Blumenthal in creating, very interesting and unique works of Food Art

Chef Andrew, who started his career in graphic design now collaborates his design talent with food. He truly has a unique way in presenting foods; as he often uses a laser to cut out shapes and designs. He has also tried screen printing on Phyllo pastry, but says it was rather difficult. He is well-known for using squid ink to print sonnets on pasta, building landscapes with pancakes and for creating the world’s most expensive mince-pie.

We were later honoured to listen to Chef Margot Janse’s speach ”An International Perspective on SA Restaurants’’. She emphasises on making food that is honest, and while she says that sounds like a cliche, she adds on: ‘’Ingredients that are honest to South Africa; the best you can find. It is about sharing the heritage of your food with your guests.’’ She puts it simply: I don’t need food to be available all year round; I want it to be real and honest. Chef Margot Janse, with her moving speech left a few guests in tears; we could all say we are proud to be South African. An attendee compliments Margot with a simple quote: ‘’I came to hear about food, and I was inspired to be South African.’’

Culinary Consultant, Hetta van Deventer-Terblanche was next, and yet again added an inspiring perspective on the history of South African food. Hetta reminded us of the history behind various South African dishes and ingredients, and how they have influenced the foods we eat today.

After a wonderful lunch, we had the pleasure of listening to award-winning chef, Massimo Bottura. He had very interesting views on preparing foods. He believed in utilising modern technology and techniques, while still withholding the essence of nature, and culture.

After A short break, Abigail Donnelly editor of Eat Out and Taste magazine led a very enlightening panel discussion. The Panel consisted of Chef Reuben Riffel, Chef-patron Girogio Nava, Restaurateur Steve Maresch, and Senior V.P of content and marketing for Food Network EMEA, Nick Thorogood.The panel discussion involved various aspects and issues that arise in the food Industry.

After the panel discussion, a few attendees were lucky enough to be awarded a few prizes from Le Creuset and Boschendal, both sponsors of the event. It would have been great to win, but all attendees were given a goody bag filled with loads of cool products from the sponsors. In the bag were Mystery Vouchers from Yuppiechef, I can happily tell you I won something with all of my 3 Vouchers 🙂 I have placed in my order, and they will be arriving shortly. (And Yes, I will be boasting about them when I receive my gifts.)

The Eat Out Goody Bag

The Eat Out Goody Bag: All the Things I love

This year has been the first in which the Eat Out Conference was hosted, and it proved to be a great success. Special guest speakers and attendees alike were both left inspired, enlightened and educated, with immense expectations of what’s to come next year. I’ve added a few images below, for fun (And to brag)… Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Until next time, Many Pleasure to all…

Eat Out DStv Food Conference

Eat Out DStv Food Conference                              

The Dessert, I just had to show this Off

The Dessert, I just had to show this Off                

And This... The Candy Bar

And This… The Candy Bar










Welcome Back to Blogging

Helloo Peeps..

So, It’s a Friday night and I have decided to write-up a blog post.

Why?? Because people make me sick and writing calms me down. Besides that…It’s been a while hey. :/

Probably over 3 weeks. I won’t apologise, well, because no-one actually cares, right? But I will let you know I have been super busy. College assignments + day job= Hectic Much. But thank goodness that’s over!

I can officially say I am a graduate 🙂 and will also be continuing my studies next year, because I’m that nerdy. I will also be retaining my job at the media company, so be prepared for plenty more pointless, irrelevant posts about my life as a working student.

Anyway, I won’t babble on further, I just needed to vent after having a brief argument with someone who continues to prove their hypocritical manners. I’m still upset, but not as irrationally livid as I was 8 minutes ago. Writing does help. I understand why people pursue diaries and journals now.

I also want to take this time to boast —  tomorrow I will be attending an exclusive conference hosted by Eat Out & DStv… I anticipate it to be pretty a-ma-zing. Loads of guest chef speakers, lovely food prepared by renowned chefs and best of all, socializing and meeting new people! 🙂 I feel extremely privileged to be attending this event since it costs like a thousand bucks per ticket. Yes, 1000. Bit of pressure though since my boss will be expected one heck of a story to be written, since it is kind of prestigious event. Lets hope all goes well.

More great news, I can finally post the recipes  Aimee and I developed as well as Andrea’s yummy Chai Chocolate truffles. I will try to do so promptly, and not wait another 3 weeks. (Here I was thinking my time management had improved. Disappointing.)

I will be ending off there for now, since I need some rest after a tedious day… I surely will be posting soon.

0O0O0 Many pleasures, and a blessed weekend to you all 0O0O0

[I tried to do some signature art sign-off. looks retarded. I’ll work on it]

Peace till then..


Things I Have a Weakness For

Hello peeps!

Hope all is good in the real world…

As with many of my posts lately, they could be deemed irrelevant, with no true point at all. This one is no different I’m afraid. But maybe that’s just it- Maybe blogging shouldn’t REALLY have a point in some sense, maybe it’s more of a sidetrack, something that allows us to liberate our thoughts in words. That is what it has become for me at least.

Blogging is kinda new for me, I have just started recently and I have already learnt that it can be whatever you want it to be. So today I decided to share just one of the things in life that I have a weakness for. That weakness is the beautiful animal species known to be Elephants. Pretty random, I know. ”Like why is this chick blogging about Elephants- Crazy Much?” yeah, I hear your thoughts Hahaha

I don’t know why, I don’t know how. I just do. There’s something about them that I love; they’re beautiful and have such beautiful characteristics.

The way they care for each other, the way the mother would do ANYTHING to protect her young. Their greeting rituals when seeing fellow Ellie’s upon returning to their herd. In many ways, They’re just like us. I particularly love how they play, laugh and even cry when sad; they also have incredible memories!

And how absolutely adorable are those baby Ellie’s? I cant Help but smile when I see them.

I can’t deal with the cuteness! Image from Gorah

A while back I had the opportunity to see them up-close. while on Holiday I begged my family to take me to the Addo Elephant park in Port Elizabeth. It was hard to convince them but I’m glad they gave in. I did mention I would not forgive them if they decided against me though- Such a brat hey. we literally drove for over 2 hours in hopes of sighting a group of elephants, I was determined to see them and may have cried if I didn’t. My mother was hopping mad for making her drive for such a long time, but to my luck we eventually spotted A Mama with her 2 babies. This made my day!!  I kind of wanted to get much closer, but my dad was scared. He said the Mommy Ellie see us as a threat and might just stomp us down! I was like, I don’t care I want to see the Elephants, NOW!

We only got to see the 3 of them that day, which was better than nothing. But I surely hope to visit Addo if ever I am in the Port again.

Below are a few Images I could capture from the car, Hope You like them as Much as I do:

Mama, and her babies- How cute! they’re looking right at us

Shy Elephant hiding behind Mama, and that little 1 is like ”Can’t touch this”

Elephant playing at the beach

Okay, How cute is this? I couldn’t help but laugh when I found this on Google


I have quite a few more images to show, but I’ll leave it at that for now. Hope you all like these pictures, and maybe there are people out there who share this interest of Elephants.

There are plenty more things in life which I love, and hope to share them with you in the near future; after all that is the theme of My blog – Finding the good things in life, things that bring pleasure to our lives and a smile to our heart 🙂

Until my next post, Stay golden- Peace!!





A Blogger In Need of Help

Hello peeps,

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far, I know I am.

Apart from Monday which was Crrrrazzzy, the past few days have been so good! I met new people, work has been cool, and I just feel truly happy in life.

As I said in my last post, I would keep this 1 short-er than usual. I know I get a bit elaborate and tend to babble on like a parrot, but with so many things to do at this moment in time, I’ll be brief.

So, as you know my posts have not been very timely and up to date, I apologize. This craziness has been occurring quite often lately, and one can only apologize so many times. I therefore decided to do something about my time management. I’ve never been one to follow a diary, or write what I need to do, merely because when I use to It just never worked out at all. I do of course write certain things down such as deadlines and what not but not EVERYTHING as so many other people do. So I guess my point is, does it truly work? having a diary or day-planner?

Perhaps I should get back into the habit and see if it works this time around. My issue has never been, ”so much to do; so little time.” I suppose my problem is that I get distracted easily at times, and tend to procrastinate in certain situations. so, for today I am publicly saying that I will definitely try harder to work on time management and scheduling my tasks. I will have to, being a working girl is no joke and in media particularly, everything needs to be done immediately and continuously.

To anyone out there who has their time management sorted, would you be so kind as to give me advice on what works for you? Those who know me well, can message me, others can mail me or simply just comment below. I have provided other options because people hardly ever comment, so I’m hoping today could be a first. I don’t know why though? So many people would tell me they liked my posts but they don’t comment? It’s a South African thing I think. But That’s a whole other topic, which I am hoping to discuss at a later stage. For now, I plead for someone’s help…

Before I end-off, I’d just like to follow-up with regard to the last posts, the recipes have not yet been published, I will be writing up a post as soon as the magazine is sorted. I know, I’m trying to be patient too but not too long now 🙂

I see this post wasn’t as short as I intended, I guess that too needs some work hey, Hahaha. But I shall use my gift of elaboration when completing my articles due later today.

Until Next time,

Have a blessed day further, Peace!

Humour for Today

A bit of random humour, also showing exactly how I feel at times!


Cooking With Friends

Greetings, Good People.

It’s been a while, and I’m sure many of you know why. For those who don’t, work has kept me Busy like a Bee Sucking up some pollen from blossoming flowers. (I’m trying to be poetic, It’s not working well.)

Anyway, today’s post will yet again be one that is somewhat work related, (or very work related) but also a really great experience for my career! Which is why I thought I’d share it with you. 🙂

While some might be thinking ”Oh No! Here she goes again with how cool her job is..Blah Blah Shut-Up, Woman!…”, Some of my friends enjoy my ”Dear Diary” posts since we barely see each other and they find it to be great way to sort of ‘keep in touch’.

So, Let me officially begin before I lose sight of what I initially intended to write about.

This past Friday (If you’ve noticed, plenty of things occur on a Friday, ’tis usually a good day for me) a few of my friends and I had the opportunity to test a few recipes and do a photo-shoot for the magazine I work for. It was exceptionally great for a first time kinda thing, and surely hope I will have the chance to do so again.

Aimee, Andrea & Myself are so proud to have our recipes published in a  magazine, It feels kinda cool to know you’ve accomplished this at a young age. (Though it be a bit minor to some, it’s a major deal for us Interns). I am so excited to share the recipes with you, but it will have to wait until they are officially published, I don’t want to be forward and jump the gun now.

I can however let you know what was on the Menu!

After much planning and discussion as to what would be fitting for spring, we finally came to a conclusion and thought it be best to keep it simple. This is due to the mere fact that some people are not really out-of-the-box cooks, and are hesitant to try new, unique dishes. This is sad, but rather true as proven by the studies of Consumer Behaviour, so we did what we thought might work for most people.

For the first course we chose a Phyllo vegetarian samoosa, consisting of Broccoli, feta cheese and caramelised onions. We had to change from using asparagus to broccoli instead because the hypermarket was sold out, how unfortunate! The broccoli worked quite well though, and served with a balsamic vinegar reduction, it turned out to be super yummy! The balsamic reduction just adds another level of flavour, while still complimenting all other ingredients.

For the Main’s, we went with our initial idea. Aimee thought of making a citrus flavoured chicken, and to add a bit of variation I thought we could try adding Chai tea as well. Not sure how it would turn out, I was anxious to know the results. Without being Biased, I can say It was AMAZING, truly delicious. This was paired with some roast potato, and a light side salad.

Andrea developed a recipe earlier this year, she came up with a Chai chocolate truffle. We loved it so much and thought it would be cool to have that as dessert. I tried it with some marscapone cheese, and that too was delish! Such a great dessert, Well  done Andrea for coming up with it!

As an extra, we also made some Lavender Biscotti. I thought it would be cool to incorporate a sort of floral essence somehow and my supervisor agreed! This very aromatic and enticing Biscotti could be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee, as a great way to end-off the meal!

As I end off this post, I would also like to share some Behind the scenes images, Stay tuned for more amazing photos as I cannot upload them all right now. The best is yet to come 🙂

Aimee and I

Aimee & I having a bit of twisted fun

Andrea preparing the chocolate for her truffles

Aimee & Nuraan, the great Photographer

Aimee & Nuraan, the great Photographer

Preparing The truffles

preparing the truffles, look at that chocolate- Yum! Image by Andrea

Oh, how I love Lavender! Image by Andrea

Oh, how I love Lavender! Image by Andrea

Cooking with the girls was plenty of fun; we a chance to catch up and also just be our silly selves. I will be pitching the idea to them for us to do it again, for pure fun! For now however, I need to get back to researching recipes for my assignment, so I shall have to end off here. Part 2 of  ”Cooking With Friends” will consist of a bit more photos, and a lot less chatter from me (Lucky for some!), and hopefully a recipe or two.

Check out their blogs as well: Aimee-  & Andrea-

Until then, Many pleasures to all 🙂

have a blessed day further xx

Magnificent Mezbaan

Hello good people!

Trust all is good your side.

This past Friday, as part of a work related event I attended a menu tasting event at Mezbaan Restaurant, situated in the Hilton Cape Town city centre hotel. Now, I know it’s been a week later so this is rather delayed, but I beg your forgiveness since work has been pretty hectic.

Mezbaan Restaurant

Mezbaan Restaurant

Before elaborating any further, I need to inform you that it was pretty a-ma-zing! I truly felt honoured for being invited. Well to be honest, our editor was invited but she was unable to attend, and thankfully asked the 2 interns to attend.

Apart from having eaten a very well presented and delish menu, a big component of a successful event is how well the guests get along and socialise. I can gladly say it was great, since only a select few guests from various magazines were invited. Perhaps, a bit more of which the rest could not attend. But having such an intimate event, everyone has a chance to mingle and feel free to speak. We were quite a diverse group of people, some young and some a bit older, all of whom got along extremely well, with no limitation of conversational topics.

As guests arrived we were served a refreshing and thirst quenching drink. We all conversed for a bit, and a few minutes later the real fun began. Guests were given the chance to be part of the team as well, as some prepared Lassis (Yoghurt drink) and others  Naan(Indian flat bread), which was a great way to start the event. I chose the Naan, since I am a huge fan and could it eat any day, I wanted to experience it the traditional way of preparing it. The already prepared dough was pressed out into a flat circle, and then spread onto a flat rounded object, which is used to hold the naan as you press it into the Tandoori oven. Placing the naan into the oven was not as easy as you’d think. It is blasting hot!! I actually burnt my arm and singed the tiny hairs on it, but nothing serious. The chef thought we were ridiculous and laughed at us for being terrified, but well, he’s use to it.

Making Naan with Chef Khan

Making Naan with Chef Khan

Making some delicious Lassis

Making some delicious Lassi with Instructor Fred

After some fun and laughter, attendants were then showed to their seats, and ready for lunch to be served. The lovely Indian inspired dishes were the creation of Executive Chef Andrew Lee and Restaurant Chef Muhammed Khan ( We are not Related) along with their ever so talented team of assistant chefs. Chef Khan hailing from India aims to present and serve dishes that are served in a contemporary style, combing authentic dishes with modern trends.

As the dishes were being prepared, guests had the opportunity to converse and snack on some light Indian crisps (better known as Pappadums) along with a trio of condiments consisting of Atchaar, Chilli yoghurt and pickled onions. Which were so lovely and very light, with the perfect amount of spice sprinkled on the crisps.

Lunch then commenced with a lovely Starter of Tandoori Aloo (Tandoori oven baked Potato, filled with chicken, along with Paneer Mint chutney).

The Starter

The Starter, what a neat presentation!

Next was a lovely Fish dish, comprising of Seafood Mouilli, with mildly spiced Mustard flavoured Turmeric & Coconut Sauce.  The sauce was exceptionally good, and paired very well with the fish. I must be honest and say I sort of struggled to eat this dish, since I had to endure proper table etiquette and eat using the knife and fork, in my mind I kept thinking, I wish I could use my hands to de-shell this prawn. But it was soon over, luckily I did not mess as I usually would have.

Second Course

Second Course, that sauce was amazing!

To cleanse our palettes, visitors were served with a deliciously sweet Rose Water and Mint Frappe.  Which was actually sweeter than I expected, but I do love my rose flavoured food so It was all good with me.

The much anticipated main course was served thereafter; it consisted of Tandoori Tangri (Chicken) and Coriander flavoured creamy lamb with saffron Pilaf and a side of vegetable Miloni Tarkari.

The Main Meal

The Main Meal, The lamb was cooked to perfection.

Feeling rather full at this point, I was not sure if I could down the dessert, but one had to simply give it a go since it sounded so enticing; and it was. For dessert we had Orange Sago Phirnee (similar to a sago pudding), with Gulab Jamoon (A milk dumpling served in syrup) along with some seasonal fruit to balance the richness of the dessert.


Dessert, Loved the sago pudding most as well as the fruits. The Jamoon was too sweet for my liking

After having completed our very substantial and delectable meal, the Chef was called out and we felt it necessary to applaud him for his efforts and talent. To end off an amazing day, each guest was given a goody bag consisting of a couple of Patchi chocolates and a box of incense, compliments of The Hilton hotel.


the gifts

The goody Bag: A box of incense and Patchi Chocolates (the missing one was eaten already). Thank you Hilton Hotel 🙂

If you’re ever feeling for some good Indian Cuisine, Mezbaan Restaurant should definitely be an option!

Until Next time, Peace!


When Work is a Blast…


Trust you all had a lovely weekend, I know I did :). It’s not often that my entire weekend goes down well (very often anti-climatic), particularly with that boring family of mine(no disrespect, but this is true at times). Thank fully, this past weekend started well with me attending a work event Friday evening (which will be the focus of this weeks blog), a baby shower as well as an engagement of two my cousins. Sunday started off as a blur, but ended off well when my mom decided she would take my sister and I out for shopping!

I never thought I’d fall into the category of women who love shopping, but as I have grown and matured into a young lady, I learned to absolutely Love it!! Not that I can afford most of what catches my eye, but OH-MY-GOSH The beauty that the fashion industry has to offer is amazing to me! I mean, if you’ve been to Forever New, or Typo or Cotton-on (The list goes on and on and on…),you tend to go a bit Wacky, right Ladies? I usually end up sulking though, since those prices are a bit outrageous, but there is this feeling which arises and your head just tells you I NEED I WANT I MUST HAVE, then after a while you realize your moment of irrationality and just walk away….

But I have been Babbling on way too much and lost track of my initial post…so let’s get to it! After spending almost 2 hours in traffic, we arrived at the Steepsters Ice Tea launch, which was held at Casparus, a cool restaurant in the heart of Stellenbosch. The outlook of this place is much to my desire, since I love the whole vintage old look of things, which was exactly what this place appeared to be. The interior however, is much of a contrast to the outside. It uses abstract and modern arts, and the setting is warm with an eclectic twist.

While it was in fact an ice tea launch, one would think that’s were the focus would. Maybe it was for some, but for me the highlight was the food (as it would be in most cases). The Caspurus Restaurant  team, lead by Chef Etienne Bonthuys served up some great little snack-bites. Firstly, there was an unforgettable Butternut Soup, which had the perfect ratio of heat from the red chilli to the  sweetness of the butternut. I cannot stop thinking about it, and trying to analyse each flavour so that I can try it out myself at home. Next they served a sort of deconstructed Boerewors (a traditional South African treat consisting of sausage on a roll, served with various condiments) I did not try this since I am not a huge meat fan, and I was not sure if it was halaal but I can tell you it looked delish! Lastly and very sadly they served up Traditional, and yet again deconstructed Milk Tart, which I did not get to taste, so no comment there.

As for the Ice Tea drinks, which came in a range of 4 different and very interesting flavours I don’t have that much to say. I cannot remember all their names exactly, but the Steepsters guys decided to go with traditional South African themed names. Something like The Dark horse(Rooibos and prune), Wild goose chase(Vanilla and cranberry), bareback porcupine ride( something with passion fruit) were 3 of the names, and the other I absolutely don’t know since it was difficult to pronounce.. I apologize for being so ‘Los-kop’ (which translates to Loose headed i.e. not focused or forgetful), I had this all written down and now I can’t seem to find the paper, what an idiot. I need Caffeine. Or sugar. Or food. wait, I choose Sleep haha. But I will be getting back to you on those names!

All in all, I must be honest and say it wasn’t something I’d go crazy for, most flavours were somewhat of an acquired taste. Since it was part of work, I also had interview a few people and found out what they thought. It seemed to be more of A hit when served with alcohol though, which I just smiled and nodded in response to hearing, as I would never be able to relate or comprehend because I do not drink booze, but If that’s how its going to sell, then it’s great for Steepsters! 🙂 I do not have cool images to show because well, My camera sucks. I did manage to get 1 decent looking pic though, see below:

I snap-shot of the gifts Steepsters provided as guests were on their way...The packaging was rather dull and plain for my liking though.

I snap-shot of the gifts Steepsters provided as guests were on their way…The packaging was rather dull and plain for my liking. Very much like the bottle though. Oh, this is the 1 I can’t pronounce.

The evening proved to be a success as everyone got along and had good conversations, I myself had a great time and would love to do it again; even if it means I’ll be doing interviews since they’re not all too bad when it’s a crowd of pretty decent peeps! I look forward to many more events, (Hopefully) and very excited in anticipation of all great things to come my way during my time at Shout Factory…

It saddens me to end of there, but I do have to get back to work :(, besides I doubt anyone would read any further as I am going on quite a bit and fear I may bore you (But really getting a hang of this blogging thing!) so until next time…

Many pleasures to all, I indeed hope you have a splendid and blessed day further. Peace Homies!



Dear Diary…

Yo Peeps!


So I missed my ‘Venting session’ yesterday due to the fact that I had loads of work to get through. I have been off sick for a couple of days, thanks to a new virus outbreak, causing nausea, vomiting and a fever as some of its symptoms. I am feeling a bit better, but then that darn hay fever got to me again so I am sort of experiencing De ja vu from about 2 weeks ago, luckily this time I can drug myself (although It’s not quite kicking in, so kill me. Now.) Alright, I am being dramatic as usual but seriously, I cannot deal with this. I am going through tissues like…(Trying to think of a metaphor but I am so Buzzed that my brain is blocked)

Anyhoosalbies, as a blogger I have committed myself to posting my experiences, thoughts, likes and dislikes etc…So I cannot blog as I please, well I can because its My blog, but I need to be consistent in doing so, even if it means I am to write about irrelevant topics, so be it. While nothing particularly smashingly interesting has occurred in my life recently, besides being victimized by a some sort of stomach bug, this post like my past few, will be quite pointless and much like a journal entry based on my thoughts (Hence the lame title).

I am pleased to say though, I have been receiving much more feedback on my writing as well as ‘likes’ based on what I thought would be rather boring. I suppose this could be due to the fact that people agree with my opinions, and possibly also relate to what I have to say. Which Is pretty cool, so thank you Guys! 🙂 so here’s to many more ‘Dear Diary’ posts, hoping it will be worth it.

I have also noticed that I have actually been complaining quite a lot in my recent posts. I thought this was worth mentioning because it’s not quite fitting to the name of my blog,’ LIFE & all its pleasures’. I said I would be writing about all that is good in this life, but this has not exactly been that way. I suppose I could say that I am putting more focus in the ‘LIFE’ part of my blog, and maybe being sarcastic toward the ‘all its pleasures’ part. Maybe I am actually, But Hopefully this won’t always be the case. I will indeed try my best to incorporate more ‘Pleasure’ in the near future, But for now lets say this is mainly A Thoughts on ‘LIFE’ based blog, shall we? Great!

I shall have to abruptly end off there, because I’ve got to continue with some work, which is painfully horrible since people have a way of complicating things! I am also feeling rather nauseas (I think I am spelling this word incorrectly, but you understand it so lets not get anal) and feel as if I may just throw up again, sorry for being so uhm, graphic, but this is how I feel. I think it’s more people working on my nerves, rather than the bug in my system. But I’ll stop being so petty and dramatic, and just get on with life…

Until my next post, Many pleasure to all… Hoping you have a blessed day further; Peace! xx

My take on: Eid

Hello Good People!!

I thought I might not be able to blog this week since work has been super hectic! I have become a P.A. to the Office P.A.; totally uncool and NOT Diggin’ it. But Ag, shame she really needed the help so I will let it go. I sure hope it won’t become a habbit or my internship and 3 years of studying will feel like a waste of time. I am sitting at my desk soaking wet so I feel quite uncomfortable as I am typing. This all because I tried to be all brave and a good civilian while at the beach earlier today. A Tourist asked me to get some beach water, since they’re not close to the ocean. So i thought, Wow cool why not. Then, Swooosh! surprise, surprise a wave decides to hit me. This would be fine if I didn’t have to return to work looking like a total Retard! But oh well, I picked up a pretty shell and did a random good deed. 🙂

Anyway, I did say a few weeks ago I’d let you all know about the special day All Muslims celebrated this past Sunday i.e. Eid.

I must be quite honest and let you know, It was good, but I probably have nothing interesting to say about it… I spent most of the day at home this Eid, Since my gran was a bit ill. Not that it’s her fault at all that It was somewhat a plain-mundane day, but I found myself to be quite bored throughout the day. Usually we would visit family and friends, greet them and they’d force you to eat a lil snack when you get there. The tables are decorated beautifully with flowers sweeties cakes and basically whatever small bites you feel you want to prepare or buy. I must say some people tend to go overboard with the whole occasion; I get it, it’s Eid but all that fancy food becomes a waste since it looks too exquisite to eat and people just stare at it.

What I do love most about Eid is the memorable and random conversations spent with family, especially the ones you haven’t seen in a while. This is the best the best part of the entire day, just because I enjoy good conversation, laughter and time spent with Family and friends. Not even the food matters more to me than this. I cherish time spent with Family and friends because, well because honestly I feel as if our extended family may eventually become estranged; my kids (if ever I am to become a mother) may not even know their cousins due to the lame but sad fact that we don’t have time for each other. So for me, Eid is all about Family. We should at least spare 1 or 2 days of our lives spent with these people.

Another great part of Eid is that we get to dress up; something I do not often get to do since I prefer my normal days in casual wear. Here again, People tend to go overboard with style, and spending money. It’s Crazy, like you’re not getting married :/… but yeah I guess we all just have our own ways when it comes to fashion.

I noticed I have been rather negative about certain things, this is not pleasureful at all! So sorry for this but it gets to me that people do not comprehend the true meaning of Eid; we go crazy spending so much money on things to impress others when in fact we should be more charitable toward those who are not as well off as we are. Yes, It is entirely possible to have an amazingly awesome day without spending so much money that you become broke the next day. I am still babbling on, SORRRRY…. I suppose this may be yet another venting session, that is part of blogging though ain’t it? I shall end off right there for today, hopefully have a more uplifting post next time and focus on the good things in life.

To all Muslims, A belated Eid Mubarak. I do indeed hope it has been a glorious and blessed day!

Many Pleasures to all xx

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